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… Zoey? ZOEY?! HOLY SHIT. Hey! … H-hi! Hey! How’s it goin’? Killed any tanks lately!?


Alex walked next to Ellis, trying not to worry about what he had told her in her bedroom. There was no sense worrying when there wasn’t much she could do for the moment. She could worry about it when they got home and she made him keep his promise to tell her everything he knew. Jordan walked behind them, kicking a rock and rambling about how that was so cool and they needed to come back again soon. As they came across the homeless man, she frowned, feeling bad for him. Jordan pulled what little change he had in his pocket and handed it to him. Alex didn’t have anything on her. As they kept walking, she heard the man running up behind them and groaned, hoping he wasn’t gonna try to start something. She looked at him skeptically until he said Ellis’s name. “Someone you know?”

"Apparently. …" He took his distance watching the man making a fist in case he made any sudden movements. El took a closer look but it didn’t seem like the Paul he used to know. This man was scruffy, dirty, and probably hasn’t seen the light of day in years. "You ‘nno anything about Keith? Dave?" If he knew what happened to them, then this is truly Paul. ‘Oh my brotha Keith? Oh. … He got on tha first helicopter that was available back at home but sumone musta got bit because it crashed, and it took all the people who were alive with him. Including Keith.’ ((TWITCHY’S KEITH DON’T COUNT HERE, YOU KNOW. SEPARATE RP. <3)) Rafferty’s jaw dropped to the floor. What the fuck!? He’s DEAD!? "…Why don’t ya come with meh and my family home an’ we’ll talk about it there. Is that fine, Alex?" What the fuck. … Keith’s. … Dead? The man couldn’t die from fucking third-degree burns on his body, twice. But a fucking helicopter crash!? What a blow to the heart. 

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After the tour of the house, the pair had stepped outside, back onto the main street where its presence was strongly alive this afternoon. Seems like another day back on Earth. It’s like the apocalypse never happened, and it was sign that the times were coming back to the people. Things were being rebuilt, communities were coming back and human life was coming back slowly. It was a better sign than how it was months ago

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Alex stuck her tongue out at Ellis, holding the hand that was now around her. She smiled as he talked about their parents being proud of them, wrapping her arms around his torso and resting her head on his shoulder. “It’s true.” 

Jordan nodded, leafing through the pictures. “Yeah, I know.” Randomly he set the pictures down and turned to look at them. “Hey, what do you guys think happens after we die?”

The mechanic let go of his girlfriend, now scratching his stubbly chin thinking. That’s a good question. Where the hell did they go right after they died? Presuming they aren’t infected or zombies. “I dunno.” Ellis spoke not wanting to shine light on the subject. Death was the last thing on his mind. “I hope up there wit my family. But I never really gave it much thought.” Death. He was far too familiar with it. It’s scary, real scary. Each day he lives he isn’t sure if he’s going to live or not. Life was cruel now, considering where they live to be some kind of safe zone, it still was awful. “Where you think we go when we’re finished?”


She arched a brow as her brother folded up the picture, not having been able to catch what it was. “What was that a picture of?” She asked.

Alex let out a real laugh, covering her face with a hand, then setting the hand back on her lap and smiling up at Ellis. “Why thank you, babe.” 

“What? Uhhh…It was just Mom and Dad.” Jordan tried to pay more attention to Ellis than his sister, laughing as he energetically held the picture in front of her. 

"I only tell truth. Ya should know." He walked across the room towards her on the bed, wrapping an arm around her. Then faced his attention to Jordan, giving back the picture. "Yea? Where ever they are, I bet they’re proud o’y’all." El knew exactly where they were at, and they were probably looking from the sky down at them. He sighed, then hugged Alexandra closely. "I’m sure of it! I mean, mine are up there." Pointing to the ceiling. "I know they be proud. Ma, grandma, grandpa. All o’em. They wanted ya to live too! They defended you guys. And yer sister too. And now ya got me. So ya don’t gatta worry. Ellis got ya."


Alex sat down on the edge of her brother’s bed, looking over his shoulder. Even this room brought back memories, from the recent years and from when he was younger and she had to protect him from monsters under his bed and in his closet. The walls were a dark green and covered in posters of bands, video games and hot chicks. 

“Hmm? Oh, just old pictures. Friends and family, ya know…?” He trailed off, folding a picture and slipping it in his pocket, before picking up another one. “Hey, look! Here’s one of Alex! I think she 18 in this one.” He handed Ellis a picture of a slightly younger version of the woman sitting on the bed. In the picture she was standing in the kitchen, stirring something and sticking her tongue out. 

"Oh yea? Tha’s cool, that’s cool." He spoke with some uncertainty in his voice. He wasn’t sure what to tell Jordan after he revealed the problem to Alex. Instead he shut his mouth and put on a fake smile watching the teenager grab a photo and insert it into his pocket. Then he handed Ellis one. "Yeah!?" Rafferty grabbed the photo with glee, actually smirking now then laughed with joy. Holy shit, it was her. She hasn’t changed a bit. A bit younger looking in the face but still just as gorgeous. "Aw man, Alex. You’re still just as pretty!" He exclaimed, holding up the photo beside her face from a distance while looking at her now. "Hella cute." 


“Okay,” She said, putting on a smile, despite the fact that her stomach was turning with nerves. What more was there? Could it be anything worse? She sighed, leaning into him slightly as they stood outside Jordan’s open door. 

He was sitting on the floor, leaning against his bed, flipping through pictures, an open box next to him. When they walked up to the door, he looked up. “Oh, hey…What’s up guys?”

El waved happily, worried that poor Alexandra wasn’t going to take it well when they got back. "This yer room? Looks good from wha’ I see." He smirked, walking pass Alex towards a wall to view the boy’s room. "Wha’cha lookin’ at?" Surveying the room, it felt like a typical sixteen year old’s. It was pleasant reminder of himself when his looked similar to Jordan’s. But he was sure from the looks of it that his didn’t have car posters and manuals stacked and pinned on the walls. 


“Okay…” She said quietly, staring at the bottom of his shirt and nodding slightly. Alex looked up at him when he wiped her tears away, smiling slightly. “Good…” She said when he told her he promised. “It’s okay, I’m glad you told me.” Wrapping an arm around his waist, because she didn’t really want to let him go, she began walking out of her room again and down the hall to her brother’s old bedroom. 

Rafferty smirked, hugging her closely one last time then let go following behind her. Shit, he should of told her the complete truth. But he was too nervous to do so. Maybe when they get home, he’ll fill her in the details. "Alex, when we get back home, I’ll tell ya everything I know." Frowning slightly that she might not like the news too much. 


Alex listened to him talk, resting her head against his chest and holding him tight. Kissing him back, she relaxed a little bit. “I don’t want you to keep this kind of thing from me anymore, okay? If you find out anything new, you let me know.” She looked him in the eyes, “Promise?” 

"I’ll tell you wha’s wrong with me when we get back home. Righ’ now isn’t the best of places. … Aw, I’m sorry I made yer purdy face cry. Lemme get that for ya." Ellis wiped her tears away with his thumbs then gave her a small smooch. "Don’t cry, kay? I know ya have been a lot lately and I don’t like to see a purdy face—" The boy pinched her cheeks playfully. "Become all sad ‘cause o’me. I can watch mahself too. So it’s okay. An’ yeah. I promise. So where’s Jordan? Where’s his again? Sorry I threw ya off. I didn’t mean to. It’s. … It’s something I waned to ferget about but then suddenly remembered." Releasing her, he stepped back.